Why Make Interior Design at Kitchens
September 21, 2015
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Why Arcmen Layout Your Kitchens

Arcmen Interior can make your home interior decoration as more beauty as per your needs. We assure that our services are more helpful to make your happiness when you are doing the interior design in our company. Arcmen providing the excellent interior design services to the customers with the affordable price.

Here are the top most reasons for people make the interior design in their kitchen.

  • Vegetables and market items should be close to the entrance. This facilitates the placing of items brought from outside, without disturbing the persons cooking.
  • Big equipment should be placed next to the sink to assist minimum movement for washing.
  • storages of grams, spices, rice, oil, flour should be on one side of the cooking range. Storage of regularly used utensil (pressure cookers, daily crockery & cutlery) should be on the other side of the cooking range.
  • Place glass trays and plate trays above the sink. This saves trouble of washing immediate place to rack without wiping.
  • Dust bin holder which is mounted below the sink unit door. The detergent holder should ideally be on other door or is inside.
  • The use of tall(wall) cabinet unit increases the storage capacity substantially. For same floor space storage area is almost double as compared to the storage area. when combined bottom and wall cabinet unit.


Creator concept of design project

In this stage the style of your project will be decided. This could be following some particular design style (Ecodura, Western, classic, etc.), or it could be a mix a different styles and decor elements, on a basis of which unique styling concept will be developed.

Developing set of work drawings in Chennai

The set will include measuring drawing, options of planning, furniture position plan, sanitation plan, lightening plan, power outlets position, switches position, floor and ceiling plan, tiles arrangement, drawings of place and decor elements.

Selection of finishing materials and interior design elements

In this stage we offer couple of options for finishing materials, furniture and interior elements according to chosen style. Final choice of design and options from the once that are being proposed lies completely on the customer

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